Wild & Empowered Dance Showcase with Arcana Dea Dance & Guests

‘Wild & Empowered’ dance showcase featuring Arcana Dea with special guests. Fusion Bellydance, women’s tradition, sacred storytelling & energy shifting dances. Arcana Dea translates to ‘Mysteries of the Goddess’ and carries ancient roots that celebrate the beauty and strength of women and community.

About Arcana Dea 

Arcana Dea is a dance company based in the Comox Valley B.C. founded by artistic director Cathy Stoyko. Cathy Stoyko is a dancer, visual artist, and mask maker as well as the owner of the Abbey Studio in Cumberland where she teaches dance classes, hosts workshops, and cultural events. Arcana Dea Dance formed out of these classes and is comprised of longtime students, peers and guest dancers performing her original choreography. Arcana Dea performs dances that range from women’s traditional dances from the East (Middle East, India, Central Asia, Eastern Europe) to fusion belly dance, contemporary dance theatre, storytelling and animation with masks and costumes at community cultural events and festivals.