Andrew Allsgood is a natural-born party rocker. The Toronto native and West Coast transplant DJ and producer has been turning heads, opening ears and making bodies move for over 20 years – managing to stay ahead of emerging sounds and trends all the while.

A DJ since 1996 and music-obsessed party animal since the third grade, Allsgood has spent a life immersed in music. Andrew is a firm believer that different genres can (and should) be played together and that a good Dj can find creative ways to play a wide variety of music in a single DJ set! You can find him comfortably playing a set of club ready, jacking house music, a deep ambient set, down-beat dub inflected beats, roots reggae, soul, funk, disco, rock……or all of the above in a raucous, fun filled evening when he presides over the sound system!

With productions of deep, dubby, blues inflected cosmic disco released on Truffle Music as well as disco, afro, psyche rock and reggae mash ups and re-edits on labels such as History Clock, Common Edit and his own Free Association imprint, you know Allsgood’s musical breadth of depth is deeeeeep!

Expect a fun set of disco and house music to keep your body moving to the wee hours as Andrew makes his debut in the silent disco at this year’s Cumberland Wild!!