Chakra Shakti Dance

Experience liberation through the exploration of each Chakra center using various musical elements. As a group, we will choreograph a ‘Kundalini rising’ flash mob piece and unleash that sacred beast on one of the deliciously lucky and unsuspecting dance floors!

About Meredith Penner

I remember being born in this life. I have remembered past lives too. As an artist and Reiki Master, I have traveled extensively into the multidimensional aspects of this existence. Dance is one of my favorite meditations, along with singing, playing, painting and writing. Growing up in a musical-artistic family, I’ve always adored dancing and began formal training at age 7 until 15, then I was in a major car accident. I discovered yoga during my recovery and have used it extensively to heal. Music festivals and DJ sets also help make my world go around. I am currently writing an Oracle card series on Crystals and Minerals. I infuse Love and Healing energy into everything I do. I’m so excited to collaborate through this workshop with each of the beings that are drawn. I am most excited to share the freedom and energy that arises when each of our main Chakras is activated and balanced consciously through this communal exercise.