Coal Dust Gang


The Coal Dust Gang is led by former evangelical preacher “Chainsaw” Amos Mercier, who left the faith and spent a decade hitchhiking back and forth across the continent with his guitar and notepad. A countrified poet and songwriter, his songs are born from the marriage of the blood moon and the open highway.

The rest of the band consists of a gang of locals who share a passion for good country music. Adam Casey (drums) recently moved to the Island from Calgary where he was a regular on the scene and performed with some of Canada’s hottest upcoming country stars. Tereza Tomek (upright bass) has spent a decade touring as a solo artist and playing bass for a variety of bands with styles ranging from bluegrass to cumbia. Chad Pabianek (guitar) honed his chops in Flin Flon, MB and is now a sought-after session player who has played with many Vancouver Island bands including Sarah Osborne, Jozy, and Ryder Bachman.