Cosmic Astrology Exploration

An exploration of the cosmos through the lens of Astrology. Facilitator Angela Van Den Hooven will be sharing her knowledge of astrology based on her studies which include the way she incorporates it into her personal spiritual practice and uses it in practical ways for a deeper understanding of self through a psychological “modern astrology approach” which is inspired by the great psychologist Carl Jung. Angela studies and incorporates ancient techniques in a modern way from “Hellenistic astrology” which is thousands of years old. Astrology is used in interpreting the energy and themes of a time period whether it is for the energy of the day or year in an astrological “weather report”, which will be the focus of this workshop! Angela will also be giving practical advice for how to best handle this upcoming years energy as well as answering any burning astrological questions.

About Angela Van Den Hooven

Angela is the creator of Soul Compass Astrology. She has been practicing Astrology for almost 5 years and has been a student of astrology for a decade. A lover of merging spirituality and science she is also a delegate of Nassim Haramein’s “Unified Field Theory” and continues to study new science and breakthroughs as they emerge to deepen her wisdom and knowledge. Dedicated to living a deep and fulfilling life Angela is also a Priestess committed to bettering herself through her personal spiritual practice in day to day life. A proud mother, partner and farmer her life are filled with her many passions, her many loves and getting her hands dirty!