Intro to Pranayama Breathwork

Join Elyse for a 60 minute guided dynamic breathwork practice as she gently introduces this ancient Vedic practice. Expect to be led into a deep state of bliss as you breathe your way into a peaceful meditation.

~ No experience necessary.
Why practice breathwork? We are able to focus on controlling our mental state by slowing down our respiratory system and witnessing our response. Pranayama is essentially the practice of expanding prana (life force energy) in our physical bodies, through breath and meditation. Once you are able to get clear and intentional with your breath, you open yourself up to your consciousness and meditation comes organically. It’s a fast track to learning how to be still with yourself through the dance of the breath. 

About Elyse
Elyse is a grateful Yogi who is passionate about love and connection. She is a human who has devoted her life to healing and consciousness development through multiple avenues and modalities. She believes that once we are able to heal and come into our oneness individually, we extend that growth to the collective, the one interconnected consciousness. Her goal is to love all parts of herself and inspire others to graciously join her. She wants to illuminate all humanity with breath and unconditional acceptance through Yoga as a union, the way she interprets this life practice. She consciously moves her breath through her body, tethering it to movement and allowing it to ground and support her to this magical earth.