Nicole Salmi


Singer and songwriter, Nicole Salmi was born in São Paulo and has been into music since she was little. At the age of 12, when she was already playing the guitar, she started writing songs and performing them in soirees of songwriters in the USA and New Zealand, countries where she lived.

She came back to Brazil and kept studying music, specializing in lyrical singing at FMU university. Since then she has been doing several gigs in countries such as the USA, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, New Zealand, India and around Brazil.

Nicole has four original albums – “SimplesMente”, “DuoMantra”, “Amazônia” e “Auto Mar”. Her most recent album, produced by Alexandre Fontanetti, went on a tour around the country. “Nicole has a Brazilian music style which is the face of the new MPB (Popular Brazilian Music). She understands that she has a peculiar voice, which is something that every artist should seek”, says the producer. Hits with the power and strength of “Guerreiro” and “Xango”; the depth and tenderness of “Um Doce Canto the Mulher” and “Mãe Lua”; the joy of “Bom Dia” and “Sambinha” depict the versatility and the vibration of Nicole.

Nicole has her music style.