Sobriety Circle: Personal and Collective Storytelling 

Join co-hosts Angela, Morgan & Heather in a discussion around personal and collective journeys of sobriety, sober partying, and the merits of having strong support networks to navigate lifestyle changes. This is a participatory offering where you can share as much or as little of your own experiences around sobriety as you wish. Whether you live a completely sober lifestyle, practice sobriety on your own terms, or are simply curious about sobriety, you are welcome to join this discussion in whatever capacity feels good for you! 

Angela Van Den Hooven, Morgan Callison, and Heather Troy are all passionate about exploring healthy lifestyle choices and creating lives for themselves where they feel like they can thrive without the use of substances. They enjoy intentionally staying sober, pushing through their own comfort zones without the use of drugs or alcohol. They are also extremely keen on supporting their peers without judgment as they navigate their own journeys around sobriety. They have recently started a local peer support and discussion group around sober lifestyle choices.