A Guide To Your Best Time


Cumberland Wild is a two day event that celebrates a diverse line up and a deep respectful, Cumberland party vibe.  Precision production, world-class talent, in a legendary village.

Cumberland Wild highly values our community and works with many organizations and groups to develop important awareness of relevant social issues, transform community values, and push forward cultural norms. Our commitment to both our artists and audiences has led to programming that embraces those values, specifically and intentionally including Indigenous, BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, female, youth, and out of the box performances.  


We respectfully acknowledge the unceded traditional territory of the Pəntłətč (Pentlatch), E’ikʷsən and  K’ómoks (Šałułtxʷ & Sasitla) tribes. 

We recognize the Pəntłətč  as being the historic owners and occupiers of this great land, sea, and rivers, and are so grateful to share in its beauty and abundance.

We commit to the healing and reconciliation process by seeking guidance from knowledge keepers, nurturing and highlighting unique indigenous talent, shedding light on important matters, and taking action towards creating a community that prioritizes and is in harmony with indigenous culture, beliefs, and ways.


Gates open at 11am Saturday August 19.

There are three shows Saturday Aug 19 11am to 11pm, Saturday evening Aug 19 11pm to 9am, & Sun Aug 20 11am to 11pm.

Concert Series event turnover – You will be asked to leave after the live music ends and the silent disco begins. If there happens to be any headphones left at that point you can upgrade your ticket to join.

General camping is tent only and each night (Saturday & Sunday) requires its own ticket. You will be able to drive within 100m to your tenting location. There will be some car camping in designated areas.  Parking will be on the street. You will be able to get in slightly earlier than the 11am gate opening.

Silent disco headphones are included in the weekend and silent disco tickets only and not available to purchase individually.  Tickets can be purchased here https://cumberlandwild.tickit.ca/  

Kids 12 and under are free!


Our event is open to all and we hope  you will join us. This particular venue is fairly easy on the accessibility scale as it is a community park in its off hours from Cumberland Wild. Fairly flat, lots of room to make yourselves comfortable, and loads of space to dance. 

  • Entrances – all entrances have humans that can advise you on best options.
  • Seating – Seating at our events is self actioned. Please bring what you need. If you require specific support please contact us. 
  • Washrooms – Accessible washrooms will be onsite and clearly marked on both the exterior and in our site maps.
  • Food & Beverage – Vending is fairly open and has accessible areas & knowledgeable servers that can assist. 
  • Camping – Camping has a variety of supports including opportunities to plug in equipment(this needs to be arranged ahead of time), accessible washrooms, and areas for parking. 
  • Low Stim Zone – We have a low stim zone available for those looking for a calm moment. 
  • Assistance – Support workers are eligible for a free ticket. Please contact us at  [email protected]
  • Support Animals – Support animals are allowed as per provincial regulations. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate companion, therapy, or emotional support animals. If having your companion is a deal breaker, get in touch directly with [email protected] Please remember to take good care of, and clean up after your guest.


We are incredibly excited to host our festival in the Legendary Village of Cumberland in a spectacular 12 hectare park located on Dunsmuir Avenue at Sixth Street. Cumberland is part of the Comox Valley, on the eastern flank of central Vancouver Island. It’s located approximately 1 hour north of Nanaimo, 3 hours north of Victoria and just 2.5 hours from the mainland. Visit the Village website for information on our community and its services.

Getting Here By Air

The Comox Valley is served by the Comox Airport (YQQ), which is served by daily direct flights from Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. Both WestJet and Air Canada fly to YQQ.

Getting Here By Sea

From Vancouver or elsewhere on the Mainland, take BC Ferries to Nanaimo from either Horseshoe Bay (north of Vancouver) or Tsawwassen (south of Vancouver). From Nanaimo, Cumberland is approximately one hour’s drive north up Highway 19 (the Inland Island Highway).


There will be a variety of merch and small items for sale in our Merch Tent as well as some of the most delicious food served locally by our food vendors.


Ensuring that our guests are safe and sound is of the utmost importance to us. We have a series of protocols put in place to handle any situation that may arise. We hire the best security teams available and they will be onsite throughout the event. We work with the RCMP, Fire Departments, and appropriate Government agencies ensuring our systems meet all recommendations, policy, and procedures required. 


We love the family vibes we create and would love to ensure your children are safe. Please register at the front gate and get your kiddos their extra special wristbands so that if you end up separated, we can help get you back together!


The producers are committed to harm reduction and it plays a central role in the overall planning of our events. We provide a multi-layered approach to celebration and the CARE-A-VAN (Comox Bay Care Society), AVI Courtenay, Campbell River and Victoria will be collaborating and assisting in ensuring the festival provides a safe event for all. All persons will be provided access to protection from harm with all of our capacity including illicit substances, harassment, sexual misconduct, or abuse. Any incident or request will be brought to the Harm Reduction team, and the festival producers and due course will be conducted.   


At Cumberland Village Works, we are honoured to set the stage to amplify diverse voices and to share the gift of new experiences. Building supportive relationships between artists and audiences and providing inclusive and safer environments is our ‘Heart’ and you are the centrepoint of this work. It takes a village and we need our community to join in the creation of a collective vibe where we all feel valued and encouraged. It’s a living process and one that we all deserve to be a part of.

In order to do so, we ask you to join us in a commitment to:

Health – We prioritize the work of our creatives and their wellbeing. Performers, workers, and audiences deserve safer sharing spaces and we commit to providing that. Getting consent early and often ensures clarity for all parties!

Enact – We commit to enact policies, procedures, and strategies that maintain zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence. This includes training, resources, action based remediation, and restorative justice.

Approachable & Accountable – We support open, honest, and candid discussion. Please listen actively, speak up when necessary, and be present for each other. If you see something, say something, and reach out!

Respect – We produce programming that values diversity, sustainability and respect for ourselves and others. Be respectful, be kind, show support, and share the love.

Together – We are better when we work together. We foster a collaborative environment, where everyone’s ideas and contributions are valued and encouraged. Be mindful, intentional, and centered in your approach to others.


Hate speech & hate behaviour are not acceptable at the event (or anywhere!). We embrace humans in all of their forms, abilities, cultures, identities including gender, language, origins, etc, and their affiliations. Communications, actions, symbols, or images representing hate will not be tolerated and you will immediately be asked to leave the event. 


Please plan for a well organized trip home. Consider having a well rested, sober driver and copilot designated for your drive. 


CUMBERLAND WILD is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our festival community. Here is our CW COMMUNICABLE DISEASE PLAN & PROCEDURE.pdf


Respect for those allowing us to use these public spaces is essential and we are grateful to be hosting an event in the community of Cumberland. 


Cultural appropriation, disrespectful behaviours, and acting in willful ignorance will not be tolerated. 


Please leave any MOOP (Matter Out of Place) items at home. These include glitter, synthetic feathers & costume items, micro-garbage, and non-biodegradable products. 


We know our visitors often seek some downtime at Comox Lake. Please ensure that you use environmentally sound products and be respectful of other community members. This lake is one of several drinking water reserves for our communities.


No fire pits, charcoal, open flames. Propane stoves and BBQ’s can be used in the campground but must be 2 ft off the ground. Any site with a stove or bbq’s must have a Fire Extinguisher.


No glass is allowed onsite including mirrors, beverage containers, decorative items in order to protect visitors to the site during and after the event.  Please transfer your items to reusable containers. 


To ensure the common good, some common sense must be used!


Alcohol service will take place Saturday August 19, 2023 from 11am to 10pm, and Sunday August 20, 2023 from 11am to 10pm. This is a licensed event and service is restricted to those with the required proof of age. Service will be in accordance with B.C.’s liquor laws and regulations Special event permittee resources and information – Province of British Columbia


Designated smoking areas will be provided and clearly marked. 


Zero tolerance for weapons of any kind.  


Please leave your furry friends at home this time. Support animals are allowed as per provincial regulations


The festival will not take responsibility to care for your items. That said, lost and found items will be located with security.


Coming soon.