Trauma-Informed Yoga

It starts with an invitation to come into a safe space, meet yourself where you are at, and befriend your body. This is an opportunity to explore the elements of a trauma-informed movement & breath-based practice. We support the curiosity of noticing sensations in the body, making choices based on what you feel, and having a shared authentic experience. You get to be in complete control of your present moment experience. Discover empowerment and personal agency. There will be no physical assists.

About Taylor Leigh Cascanette

Taylor is a Yoga Instructor who is finding her roots in Cumberland. She grew up in the beautiful outdoor recreation hub of Squamish, and it was there where she began her practice of Yoga. She explored her practice outdoors, surrounded by the mountains, and discovered tranquility. Her curiosity of Yoga brought her to study in India, Thailand, Bali and close by on Texada Island. In her travels, she has developed a passion for mindful movements combined with breath awareness.

Her experience with yoga has been transformative, helping her overcome anxiety and develop a strong sense of mindfulness. She hopes to share the opportunity for others to heal not only their bodies but also their minds. Taylor will guide you through practice – by integrating movement, stillness, strength, and flexibility. She also brings insights into meditation, body awareness and yogic philosophy. If you are interested in the balance of physical and mental well being, then she can surely help you find what you need.