Tucked away in the coastal forests of Vancouver Island Agent Hooper has brining pumping fists along with smiles to dance floors for more than a decade.  He inherited his first turntable from his grandfather at the age of four, and quickly started loving music of all genres.  In the early 90’s Agent Hooper was deep into the alternative grunge movement, he relocated to Vancouver at the end of the 90’s and found himself frequenting the underground raves of the time. This opened the door to a whole new side of Agent Hooper that was about to be unleashed. It was at this time that Agent Hooper was truly born. He quickly grew a fascination of mirror balls and lighting, and as time went on his needs grew for quality lighting and exceptional sound at every event.  You know if Agent Hooper is part of any event that he is going to contribute a certain level of excellence , whether it’s his music, lighting or adjustments to the sound system.  Over the years Agent Hooper has moved threw a few different genres of music before settling in to his own style of tech house that he likes to call TechYes.  Agent Hooper found his way to the Comox Valley and has been a part for the Mushroom Manor collective for the past 13 years. During this time he has been a big part of the coastal underground scene, Having played the past bunch of Diversity festivals and countless other smaller festivals and club events, Agent Hooper has become a staple of this tight knit coastal community.  His biggest desire when Agent Hooper is at an event is that everyone is moving with a big smiles on their faces