Aubnoxiou$ & Chai


Coming out of Northern Manitoba, AUBNOXIOU$ (aka Aubrey Brass) is a Swampy Cree First Nations Hip-Hop Artist / DJ & Producer.


Aubrey fell in love with the culture of Hip-Hop at a young age, and ever since has been honing in on his craft whether it’s on the mic or on the decks. His performances come from a wide range of genres & emotions, while constantly filling his library with new beats and rhymes.


With his passion for music and moving crowds, Aubrey has been creating a sound for the listener they surely won’t forget!


Chai’s discography already sits apart from the rest. The producer, singer and rapper explores a variety of beats and styles ranging from R&B to indie soul to electronic all with the same crisp tone and distinct vocals. Chai keeps you captive whether she’s serenading over slow beats or rapping over a staccato rhythm. We’re excited to see what she explores next!