Known for spinning Latin & World funk grooves, Bassos Rancheros was born on Vanuatu in the South Pacific to an ancient lineage of paddle carvers. He has traveled the world seeking spiritual meaning through breakfast foods. For a time Bassos was a cage dancer at the famed Limelight in New York, renowned for his dance moves on Tarzan nights.
Magnetic Mag 2017
“One of the highlights of the weekend was closing out the Sunday sunrise with Bassos Rancheros selecting the sentimental sing-a-long: “Rocket Man” by Elton John. Even though this year’s theme was intergalactic, the vibe never seemed more down-to-earth. If there is intelligent, alien life out there, we hope they know how to party like Bass Coast.”
FREQ Magazine 2017
“Witnessing Bassos Rancheros on Sunday morning. The infamous Vanuatu native served up a rollicking good time that seamlessly fused his typical Latin flavors with more tribal offerings, delving deep into an ocean of future bass. Not to mention the sublime tacos, stacked high on massive brass plates and constantly flying into and out of reach. The whole experience felt even more polished than last year’s iteration, pulling this author into ecstatic insanity for just a moment.”