Dj Resister


ReSister – real name Selen. Born in Izmir, Turkey. Self taught DJ career started when her best friend & auntie had CD player decks and a mixer set in the home they shared back in 1999.

Mainly played at private parties, low pressure gigs in the early career preferring slow house. Since then always been interested in the music of her geography and the rich music culture of ethnic and spiritual sounds. As to her sound, she fuses together music from different cultures like Turkey, Egypt, Iran and beyond, mixing styles while matching song keys.

Another personal touch to her performance is the sound of live percussion instruments, such as hand drums, frame drums, agogo bells, cowbells and shakers.

After arriving to Cumberland,BC in 2013 and building good relations with the Cumberland Village Works through festival organization, she was offered gigs at the Waverley Hotel and a slot opening for a sold-out Delhi 2 Dublin concert. More recently, she’s been one of the resident DJ at 420 Dance Jams, a “boutique” dance experience in forests or by the seaside also played at several local parties & events.

We are very stoked to have ReSister joining us. Not only as a DJ with a pleasantly unique style that is sure to get you moving, Re#Sister is also a strong spark for many within the community of Cumberland and always brightens a room with her presence. Re#Sister takes us on a multicultural journey through east rituals sounds including rich Anatolian tunes, deep house tunes from all around the world.