Downtown MischIEf


Slippery when wet, DTM blends jazz, funk, rock, and comedy, all baked with 100% love. Where does it come from? They channel it from outer rim alien reptiles. How can you not dance when the holy spirit inhabits your soul? Sailing from Vancouver Island, these guys can stay up for 2 days playing guitars on a roof top and then go make a good impression on your Grandma at 6am, and after having a nuanced opinion about some niche topic that you half care about, they will have a little nap, like baby foxes after their mother doesn’t return home after her morning hunt in Worcestershire England.

Loosely based, you can find them anywhere! From festival stages to panhandling on the corner, the only constant is smiles, and an irreverence for the jurisprudence of our time, regardless of what jurisprudence means..