The History of Gunpowder


The History of Gunpowder is a freak-out ensemble from Montreal, now based in Vancouver, with an ever-changing cast of members that put on unpredictable, chaotic live shows. A staple of the Canadian live scene, The History is devoted to constantly pushing the envelope on stage and in the studio and has built a community around them that consists of some of the best musicians in Canada. The group has garnered an exciting international presence through their unique compositions and growling, gritty vocals with fan bases in Germany, Italy and America.

They are set to release a string of live-videos and works from a residency project of compositions centered around the 19th century organ in the Weird Church in Cumberland. They are also releasing a set of videos in anticipation of their upcoming record, The Epileptic Vol. II which will be released in support of a 2022 European Tour. The group’s line up is expanding to reach new musical heights along with a different featured artist that makes an appearance every show, ensuring a unique experience every time they hit the stage. The Cumberland show will be their first back from the European tour.


Voted #6 in the TOP 10 BEST BANDS IN MONTREAL category in Cult Magazine

“I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the insanely creative and powerful force which is History of Gunpowder. From Alex’s emotive and jaw-dropping vocals to the band’s energy and crowd interaction, H.O.G stands out in the Canadian music scene as a top tier act not to be missed!”
– Tayo Branston ~ Five Alarm Funk

“This is a band with a reputation for explosive psychedelia and freaky theatrics, but while there were no surprise drop-ins from burlesque artists at this particular gig, guitarist and vocalist Alex James Morison brought plenty of thunder with his own strings, howls, and showmanship. With the throat of Nick Cave and the wardrobe of a zoot suit scarecrow, Morison stalks the stage like he’s possessed by his guitar, wandering feverishly through the many twists and turns of songs like the dynamic highlight and set-closer ‘Buenos Aires’.”
– Dan Corber, Montreal Rocks, June

“Frontman Alex Morison’s voice has become something both horrifying and enthralling. For a man under fifty to have beaten his throat into such a state inspires strong awe, mild concern, and just a hint of jealousy – his suffering voice conveys disdain brilliantly. The images he breathes carry connotations of misery, vice, trickery, and guilt posing as aggression; the images he breathes very nearly fit the “whiskey band” stereotype but betray a deeper poeticism, inspired by all the writers you claim to love but secretly find impenetrable. After years of depreciating in traditional beauty and appreciating in aesthetic roughness, he has finally hit the point of no return and it is truly glorious.”
– John Julius, Beatroute Magazine,

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