As far back as he can remember Marc Gerrard has been surrounded by quality music. Born in Southport, England (it’s grim up north) he comes from one of the most prolific musical countries on the planet and thus brought with him an appetite for music unique to the English.

After his first concert experience of seeing the Jackson 5 (reunion tour) at the impressionable age of 10, he has since undergone an evolution that has taken him through Britpop, indie, funk and into electronic music where now as a DJ he combines the best of all his experience and has developed a virtuosity with his ability to blend the organic with the electronic, traversing genres and taking his listeners on unpredictable yet soulful musical journeys.

His transition from alternative to electronica took place during a stint in Amsterdam where he lived for several years, witnessing a spectrum of bands in the musical cathedral known as Paradiso. There he also got his first taste of European DJ culture. Upon returning to Canada with his expanded musical repertoire, Marc Gerrard bought some decks and began to hone his craft to find his niche and sound.

Not only satisfied with DJing at various events and festivals Marc Gerrard wanted to provide a platform for other artists to shine. He started an online radio station called DE Radio and proceeded to put on his own events throughout the city of Vancouver. His station has considerably grown since its start in 2009 and now features artists from all over the world. Most recently he has moved to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island and has both continued his work on the radio station, putting on events, and DJing. But through all this he has always remembered and maintained the core value of connecting with his audience by providing a memorable musical experience.