Parlour Panther designs a sonically rich atmosphere that is sexy, cool and queer. Theirmagnetic presence and undeniable craftsmanship will draw you in like a Siren song.The different chapters of the duo’s love story can be found in their songs; from theromantic debut of their singleArc-en-ciel(2015) and the intimate, turbulent story of theirEPForeign Lust(2016), to the bold, seductive grooves of their full length albumHotMagic(2018). They manage to create a sound that is as unique and powerful as theyare. These west coast babes aren’t holding anything back; and with their gritty guitar,synth, bass, beats and seductive harmonies, you’ll be glad they didn’t.Filling the dance floors of venues everywhere they go, Parlour Panther has shared theircollection of dreamy rock with a wide variety of audiences – from breweries and bars tomany of BC’s music festivals, including ArtsWells, Khatsahlano, Rogue Arts,Woodstove, Vancouver Fringe, and more. They sing of a love that is deep, soulful andseductive, and just like their ever-evolving sound, is only growing stronger.