Spirit Sticks: Art with Intention

Unleash your inner child by getting creative and connecting to little gifts from nature. A special stick, a feather, and some shells can come together to create magic. To make your wand even more magical, hold an intention while it comes together to infuse some personal power into your finished piece!

The basic supplies will be provided, but feel free to bring your own special stick, a favorite crystal or favorite shell to adorn to your spirit stick!! 

Come join Paloma in the teepee, take some time out and connect with your inner-child… because when was the last time you played with a hot glue gun and feathers!?

**Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult**

About Paloma Joy
Growing up in Cumberland, Paloma was immersed into the magic of nature at a young age, but with that, she had to shed small town life and experience big city dreams! As life shifted, Paloma’s roots held strong to the passions that followed her into her adult life, nature and art!

Over the course of her journey things have come full circle, and with that Paloma has found a huge part of her path is to inspire art and creativity into the lives of kids, and kids at heart.