WildPlay: A Primal Movement Primer

Animal movements and primal movement patterns have been used in movement practices around the world and can be seen everywhere from dancefloors to dojos, gymnasiums, playgrounds and beyond. In this interactive workshop, we will explore 3 foundational animal movement patterns; Bear, Monkey, and Frog. Using these primal patterns, as well as several variations and transitions for each, you will discover fun new ways to work on strength, mobility, and control to get your body moving and feeling better in all that you do! Whether you’re new to bodyweight strength training, or you’re looking for fun new ways to shake things up in your practice, this workshop has something for everyone.

No experience necessary, but all participants must be willing to get down and crawl around on the ground 🙂

About Garrett Seibel
Garrett is a personal trainer and movement coach based in Cumberland, BC.  He has coached hundreds of humans to get stronger and move more mindfully over the last ten years.
Part health nerd, part music festival junky, Garrett is constantly seeking fun new ways to incorporate movement both in his daily life and that of his clients.
Garrett has an ever-evolving, holistic approach to movement and overall wellbeing. He is currently studying the  Holistic Health Practitioner program with the CHEK Institute.
Some of his certifications include:
GMB trainer (www.gmb.io)
Holistic Lifestyle Coach (chekinstitute.com)
CHEK Exercise Coach (chekinstitute.com)